kettlebell progress

This is embarrassing that I'm posting pics of my arms!!
But I couldn't wait to show you the progress with my new fitness regiment.

The "bulge" is a first for me!  I've never had it before until now!!

This kettlebell thing is really working.  I use a 8kg kettlebell right now.   You will get tons of helpful videos on youtube if you type "kettlebell".  Some of the ones I like are from Zuzka and Tacofleur in youtube.

the home gym (16kg / 8kg kettlebells, and 4kg dumbbells)

It's true that nutrition(proper) is what makes our body.  We workout, let's say an hour or so, and the rest of the time, what we eat is what makes our body!  That means, I have to pay attention to what makes muscles - protein!

 I took the advice and finally got "whey protein". 

 I don't like eating chicken breast, nor do I feel like eating much "bulky food" these days, so I figured "drinking protein" would be a better and easier option (and I love chocolate milk!).

After some research, I went with the "most known" brand (performance on - gold standard - chocolate) in the market.   It actually tastes really really good! 

Even with a few distractions...and small space, it works.  I love that I don't have to go to a gym! 

There are tons of resources online on kettlebell workouts if you want to learn more.  

So far, I like this feeling of "strength" instead of "skinny = weak" and "how much do I weigh today" feeling!

 Things I'm doing so far;
  • Doing kettlebell workouts at least 15 minutes everyday.  I don't rest much now, since my body has adapted. 
  • Go "heavy"(weights/workout) and push myself until I can't do anymore.  Like yesterday, I worked out for about an hour with the kettlebell (in order to get "I can't do no more" feeling) - I think it means I have to go heavier in weight and harder..
  • I don't workout empty (fuel/energy) - I make sure I have enough in my system and strength to workout. 
  • I drink whey protein milk and have a little carb (if I'm hungry afterwards - banana) after I workout.  Feeding my body right away will give my muscles what they need to heal and grow.
  • I have vinegar water when I workout (a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar).  It keeps you alkaline.
  • I haven't changed my diet - but my body has been more "sensitive" to wanting the good food (fresh fruit, less sugar).  Even without trying, my body is telling me it wants good things.  I stopped snacking on my favorite "chocolate snacks" without effort.
  •  I don't "over-eat to make up for a workout".  I eat how I've been eating - no change.
  •  Stock up on more whole foods (eggs, bacon, fruit, vegs..) in the fridge so I can cook more at home instead of eating out/ordering.

These are the things I'm doing, which means it's does not apply to everyone!  Everyone is different.  My body shape and how it responds to a workout and food is what it is!  I think I'm finally getting that.  There's no "one answer" to fitness - but if we share and gather information, we can come up with our own "formula" that caters to our own unique bodies.

We are what we put into our body (food / effort / mind).  Oh yeah, thinking about "wanting to get ripped, so I'm not called another "skinny weak Asian girl"" - helps too!  

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