DaeJeon Jazz Festival with Jang Sa Ik

This is a really late post... last year 2013 on August, our life changed this very day.

seated early

We went to see Jang Sa-ik perform in Daejeon...and that's also where we fell in love with our fur babies. 

how can you resist that face? (Mason here)

We picked them up in Daejeon and transported to Seoul via KTX in one day.. whew.. it was something we didn't plan to do obviously, but things happen for a reason ^^  A good reason at that!

Daejeon was not much to talk about.  Unfortunately, I didn't get to see much or explore since we got there just a few hour/s before the concert. 

That's Jang Sa-ik on the middle of the stage.. he is the music man for my hubs and I.  Kpop has nothing on this man :P  Nothing!  hehe

Youtube him if you want to see how awesome he is... Jang Sa-ik you da best!

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