successful apartment contract renewal!

We were handed down the ultimatum(?) from our landlord.  They wanted 100,000won increase in rent - and we wanted 50,000won and no more.  Our 2 yr contract is ending on the end of March.  We had to make the decision by the end of this month. 

So to cut the story short, they came over last weekend to check up on the apartment, but we were confident that they would be impressed.  It's a 2yr old apartment - us being the first tenants.  We kept it very clean and they were pretty happy.

It was a nerve racking day.  I've never had to do this 2 yr contract renewal for apartments and it was a serious matter.

Thankfully, my husband's good friend came over to help us.  We call him our "lawyer" (he's not a lawyer) friend.  He wanted to make sure we got what we wanted - an increase of 50,000won and no more for 2 yr renewal on the apartment.

We all sat down to negotiate the deal on the apartment and price - it was very intense.  I can speak enough Korean - but not enough to make negotiations.

We can't still believe our friend came to help us that day.

We can't thank him enough~~ because he made his moves and talks and we got what we wanted!  A 50,000won increase in rent each month for 2 year renewal!

We still can't believe we got what we wanted!  Moving is painful - and being the only tenant in our apartment is hard to give up... we are so very very thankful for our friend....  We would never be able to make such a deal without him!

And to actually think that, our apartment runs  for 200,000won more in rent (than what we pay now) - as priced by the realtors.  I still can't believe he got us to just 50,000won..  We joked that he should make it a part time side job to make deals happen ;P 

So to congratulate the successful deal - we ordered jajangmyun that day.  I heard it's a common meal to eat on moving days (too tired to cook?).

our delivery meal

We got a small "tang-soo-yook", "gan jajang", and "gochu japchae bap".  All delivered in less than 30 minutes with a free fried mandoo!  

my husband's "gan-jajang" - a heavier sauce

I got "gochu japchae" meal

 My meal above was very good!

If you are in Gongdeok area - you can call 02-702-1007 for this chinese delivery place.

we got a complimentary "mandoo"

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