Emart (Gongdeok) closed days - February 2013

Emart (Gongdeok, Mapo-gu, Seoul) will be closed on the second and fourth Sundays for February 2013 (10th and 24th).

I hope I'm not the only one noticing that Emart prices have been steadily increasing... A mushroom would be 500won more expensive than the week before and 1000won more expensive for a bag of onions compared to Lotte Super (Gongdeok).  I don't even look at the fruit there.  The prices are getting quite ridiculous.  It changes too much...

Please be aware of the prices in Emart - it's not cheap like it really should be.  Our much smaller grocery store(in our apartment complex) actually has better prices for veggies - where we get most of it from. 

Emart is also being investigated right now by the government - I can't tell you the details much... most likely for corruption etc etc... so please stay smart and shop smart.  Also try to support the smaller guys - smaller stores/markets and vendors.

I used to love Emart - but these big guys are slowly getting too big...I don't appreciate the price anymore (it's not cheap)! 

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