volunteering at an orphanage: healing times

This was our second time volunteering at JungGye orphanage.

We spent 1 hour teaching children English and another hour to hangout and play with them outside. 

During snack time, a boy I taught last month (kindergartener) remembered me and sat next to me to eat his snacks.  He made me feel special. 

I asked him if his liked bananas as he scrumptiously devoured a half sliced banana, he said, "Yes, I do.  We don't have fruit here.  I like bananas and watermelons.  In summer, we have watermelons sometimes, but it's rare."

he melts me heart!

It must have been my lucky day.

I also got the privilege to hangout with the cutest little girl - she was the youngest out of the bunch.  Here we are playing making her own version of snowman.  

snow bear!

***Sorry the photos look silly with the funny faces - privacy privacy...^^ 

We started volunteering thinking that we were doing a "good deed".   After the physical presence of being there... having these kids make you smile, giggle, grin and laugh... it becomes a rather strange experience.  It feels like the opposite side is getting healed (me)..

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