Emart card is a joke (Shinsegae)

I gave up my "emart point card" long time ago.

We spent a good amount on it (30ks+) and received a measly 30,000won store credit.  We bought things at Shinsegae mall, Cartier, Emart...

Seriously, a big scam.

We are just giving out our information on what we're buying(..etc) for the company to better rip us off.

I gave up on those points card like I gave up on Facebook (same concept).

I shop at Emart (Shinsegae chains) without their card now.  And I always get asked if I have a point card, as if I'm missing out!  They may want you to feel like you are, but believe me, it's better not to bother with it for its measly small points. 

But I am soft on Lotte point card and other cards that actually DO rack up good points.  For now, Emart (Shinsegae) is not getting my shopping info.

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