The cost of moving in Korea

wow, it's expensive to move in Korea.

This is our first "real move" here.  With all the stuff we accumulated over the years and having a much bigger place for 4 years..  We hired a mover.

It costs 1,390,000 won.

::: we will have 4 men and 1 woman over around 8am and work until 4~5pm.  It also includes the "elevator truck"(?) used in apartments here and the end of the month is "expensive" and not to mention the Spring season (high season for moving).  And we are only moving one subway station away.   I was expecting somewhat around it, but it's not so bad that they are going to clean and put everything together (installing blinds, frames etc).  We won't have to do anything - except just to take our valuables separately with us. 

***The process of hiring a mover is to call a few ones, have them come over and get an estimate, set up appointment and pay a down payment (we paid 100,000won) for the date.  They will give you a contract and make sure to ask everything you want to know. 

The nice thing is that these movers guaranteed that they would wrap things well with its own covers (mattress/sofas..etc) and move everything with caution.  I just heard horror stories on the internet about the movers here breaking things and scratching up the floors even with a reputable name.

I will keep posted on how the move goes.

If you want to move well and without sweating, you have to pay a good amount.  But we are thankful for these services here so we are not complaining.  Renting your own truck is actually difficult in Korea - you supposedly cannot rent/drive the trucks without a separate license for it - it's no wonder you don't see "U-hauls" around here.

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