The story of my life

For a long time, I had a hard time figuring out where to put myself.  I am half Korean and Filipino  + American (KoreanFilipino-American??).

I was raised in the jungle (playing under huge papaya trees and delicate star fruit trees) in Philippines (amazing memories), studied Korean culture when I was in grade school in Korea, and grew up in the states as a rebel (trying to figure who I was).

Everyone makes their own experiences from the same thing.

I came back to Korea because partly I didn't really know who I was.

I didn't fit in America - I graduated with a 4 year degree and didn't feel like I was born to work a 9-5 job and do what everyone was doing.  I left the states to find myself.  

I had no relatives in Korea (long story)  - but I knew that I needed to be alone and figure things out on my own. 

I hated being asked why I came to Korea when everyone wants to be in America.

I would get asked about my real heritage - I was an American, but not quite Korean looking... Koreans were damn curious.

It's a love and hate relationship, like your family/relatives.  You love them, but sometimes, you just don't want to...  It's like that.  Korea is that to me.

But I've come to accept Korea for the great things.

I have an easy life here because I am Korean blooded (they keep my Korean name in my ARC btw as a reminder?).   My visa is 3 years and I can do what I want (kind of). 

I am also very fortunate that I don't have to work at a 9-5 job because I don't have to have a car/house(=tied down).   I feel almost sick to my stomach thinking how that concept is the success platform of a college grad.  

I can do what I want here (thanks also to my husband who supports my many dreams).  Korea is a good place to start a business if you know what you're doing.  Many Korean-Americans are changing the food scene for one.  It's exciting to see the changes. 

I've traveled well and seen a few countries being in Korea.  I probably wouldn't have traveled much being in USA (media/money/life style?).

It's funny how it's just a perception.  It took a while for me to get it.

I hope everyone makes the best out of everything given to them.  Or just do what they want and be happy.

You know just be happy.

photo credit: Watching telly, drinking wine... photo credit: one daisy, two daisy via photopin (license)via photopin (license) photo credit: 212/365 Wash Away the Past via photopin (license)

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