Bad air pollution in Seoul

It's back!!! The dreaded air pollution is back!  Everything looks gray and lifeless out there.

It's been well over a week now since I opened our windows.  Seoul is having a hit of bad airpollution right now.  There seems to be nothing stopping it either.  I wish the rain would wash it all down.

A reading of 100 or above for pm2.5 is when we take cautionary measurements.  We don't stay outside too long, we don't open our windows, and we try to eat cleaner to offset the pollution.  

We drink lots of water and try to eat as fresh as we can while limiting processed foods when pollution takes over.  It takes some discipline to be healthy here.

They say the norm level is 20 or below...Well the norm for us is around 60 in Seoul these days.  

I hope it goes away soon.

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