Fall is a perfect season for detoxing

I love this time of the year because root vegetables like sweet potatoes, carrots, radishes, cabbage, and potatoes just to name a few are in season, which means they are nutritiously dense and cheap!  

I ordered sweet potatoes online(3kg) for a taster and I've already ordered a 10kg box today because I've devoured them in just a few days.  

They're so sweet!  I put them in our electric oven for 17 minutes in "bake potatoe" mode.  They become a bit charred outside and its sweetness beats eating a piece of cake!

Sweet and nutritious root vegetables are perfect substitutes for my sweet cravings.  I've been eating my share of cakes and sweet coffees lately and realized I need to cut down.  This might be tmi, but my measurement and alarm is when my throat gets mucusy, especially when I wake up with it!  It's a gross feeling.  That's my hint of, "slow down your sugar and processed food intake".  I also avoid dairy when my body gets this way.  

Today, I made a light sauté of veggies(onions, egg plant, tomatoes and 애호박) with some spices(homemade curry mix) and the baked sweet potatoe on the side for the sweetness.   

 My detox is eating whole foods and of course cutting out sugar as much as I can.  I'm not a "one-ist".  I just stick to what works for me and what makes me feel better.  Also drinking lots of water is in the agenda for me.  My skin is clearer and no more mucusy throat :)

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