Samgyupsal, a casual meal

Samgyupsal is as common as eating a hamburger in the states.  Having it once a week is not uncommon.

Koreans just love a good table of grilled fatty pork and soju!  I think it's more of the atmosphere that people enjoy when a slab of fat meat is grilling in front of them.  

Had a hard day? 

Let's talk it over fatty pork and soju!

We haven't seen each other in a while!  Let's get merry w samgyupsal!

It's your bday! 

Golfing was fun! Let's go get some samgyupsal!

Samgyupsal is usually the cheaper option  compared to other meats and grills, which makes samgyupsal a big favorite for many Koreans.

Eaten for pretty much any occasion!

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