Discovering a gemlike park behind mapo post office

Fall is finally here!

We took a nice long stroll in our neighborhood and discovered this park that was tucked in behind "mapo post office"(it's in renovation right now until the end of this year, it's torn down and being rebuilt). 

There's a small "farmers market" across the mapo post office and when you walk behind it, there's a long long long park...!

It's amazing what you miss right under your nose!  So happy we finally decided to walk through this market and discover this awesome park.

Unfortunately we didn't take many photos be we were so ingrained in the walk, the tress and the serene atmosphere. 

We will have to take my dslr to do its justice.  It's really so beautiful what a piece of land of trees and flowers can bring.

I can't wait to bring you more about this park!

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