Jongno outting - yellow sandy day

Spring in Korea is beautiful - but is also dreadful because of "yellow sand". 

I used to ignore the warnings and wondered why the sky was so yellow and hazy looking and the air so much more heavier to breathe...

Nowadays, I take the warnings seriously and even have a stock full of "face masks" to combat the yellow sand and dusty air in Seoul.

Jongno - yellow sandy day

With my mask on - I paroled the city out to Jongno - where else but to get my supplies for my garden in Daiso (a "dollar store" chain) - so much cheaper than buying it else where!

If you need supplies for home/decor/temp things - head to Daiso~~~ They have great little stuff at cheap price. 

These pots (photo below) were only 2000won where Emart would have been over 4000won.  But don't get food/kitchen stuff from Daiso~^^  it's better to get quality goods for things that come in contact with your food.  Just my two cents!

cheap & great buys from Daiso

Since the DAISO in Myungdong closed, I headed to the one in Jongno.  It's so much bigger and better, 4 stories tall! 

It's right off exit 4 of JONGGAK station (line 1) - on your right.

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