City Hall Festival - Spring "namul" & local specialty goods

Today was another library day.

It was drizzling a bit and was hurrying my way to the building, then saw the "Spring Namul & local specialty goods festival" taking place.

They were putting things together as the sun came out. 

There were a few huts selling specialty goods, from kimchi, health food, honey..etc.   About 2~3 vendors were selling "sweet goodies" like sweet potato baked goods.

But most of the vendors were of "health goods" from veggies to kimchi.

But how much?

a scene after the rain

It wasn't as exciting as it looks - most of the local goods are "special" - meaning on the pricier side.
But it also had a few huts that were selling bundles of "namul", veggies, and plants.

The festival is good until the 28th this month.

FYI:  The City Hall library where PSY filmed a scene in his new single, "Gentleman".

the "stairway case & reading spot" in City Hall Library

But please do not imitate this scene there, you most definitely get "shhh"ed...
Even today - on a rather quieter day at the library- they had an announcement on "to be quiet and respectable" and a few staff were walking around to "shhh" the noisy ones.

I wonder how hard they have to work on the weekends to keep the place quieter - because the last time I visited it on a weekend - it definietly was not a "library quiet", but was a day care/couple on dates/study groups/friend meet ups - all taking place.

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