Do not feel safe at night? Tips & Get a Police Escort at night to take you home

Only applicable to Won-Hyo-dong (Yonsan-area) right now, but will be implemented throughout Seoul starting in May.

tv caption : call the number for more info

You can dial the number and a policeman will pick you up, drop you off, and even walk you to your door.

I think the time is after 10pm - please call for more details to be sure.

This police escort will be implemented throughout Seoul starting in May 2013.

*There have been increasing cases of street crimes against women at night.   To combat this growing problem - Seoul is implementing this service - and it's just one of them.

Tips for night safety:

  • Do not wear earphones while walking at night.
  • Be alert of your surroundings.
  • Look back once in a while to see if anyone is following you.
  • Avoid getting "too drunk not to be able to walk" - crimes against drunk women alone or in groups are targeted.

I hate to acknowledge that Seoul (Korea) is not what it used to be...  You can no longer trust your cellphone(or bags) to be left alone in public places any longer.

I used to feel safe walking at night 6 years ago - I can't say the same now.

I miss the good old days when there was trust.

One clear case is the problem with Korean rental system, "jeonse"(rental money).  You put a hefty down payment(upto 60% of the value of the property) down for 2 years that will be given back when contract ends.  This is one of the major ways people rent and still do now, but this rental system is being questioned and cautioned such as having the first lien and checking for owners debt..etc.  This new attitude towards renting is being taken after increasing cases of owners running away with this money and not giving it back - I'm talking about a huge sum of money averaging $100,000(more or less) and  just simply disappearing out of sight leaving the tenants broke and sometimes homeless. The real estate crisis in korea is just unraveling and we're bound to see what kind of mess it brings.

Korea is changing fast.

photo credit: tuis via photopin cc
photo credit: Kim Hanwool via photopin cc

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