Springing up the house with plants

Spring decor and concept this year - is "greening" the house.

shelf dust collector is slowing filling up the pot

reused plastic bottle as a pot

this plant grows well in half lit areas - our mini air filter/humidifier

these are the pots in the main bedroom - keeps the room air fresh/hydrated

this one has been with us for 3 years :)

our kitchen green guy

pretty cactus guy

this plant helps collect dust

called "hoya" in Korean - it should flower sometime in the future

guava tree and my other "baby trees" getting their sun

"mr tree" has been with us for 3 years - our very first tree :)

mini aloe plants overlooks Namsan Tower

a lone bigger mini aloe plant - fattening up for my skin to quench

branched off from the main plant to grow

my husband's humidifier in his room

the "love chain" is growing off well alone & tara plant behind

re-potted "love chain" is growing well

"san-ho-su" in Korean - is another plant in hubby's room

hub's green guys for better air

and the very troublesome rosemary plant in the balcony

Spring is definitely here!

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