Non antibiotic Chicken - what to look out for & where to buy

I saw a documentary on tv last month about the excessive use of antibiotics on chickens.. Sadly, many farms in Korea do so without any compliance with the law (usage) - so we have been avoiding regular chicken meat and opt for non antibiotic chickens even when the price is a tad bit more~^^  Everyone knows I'm a on the frugal side - but you can't argue with health and safe food over price.

Last week, I got these non antibiotic chicken packs in Emart for less than 5000won each - regularly they are about 6000~7000won.  I bought 4 packs and am going to freeze and divide them for future cooking^^

There are many signs on the package that states it's non antibiotic and will have a "number" so you can check it online and make sure of its quality.

The "Non Antibiotic" sign is clearly stated on the package with serial number and where it's from.

you can scan the code or input the number online for accuracy and more info

 I also like to opt out for goods with HACCP - which states that it is made from a clean facility.  This sign/certificate is on canned goods/snacks..etc.

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